It's been a hard day's night (c).
Well, what shall I say. It's been quite a disappointing day, too. The other day my dad was telling me something about his colleague and happened to be surprisingly laconic in describing him in just a single phrase: "He was so close to his dream that didn't completely realized how far he is from achieving it". Sounds ambiguous? Yea, it's clumsy. It's hard to render Oscar-Wildish aphorisms at almost 3 a.m.
Too many words.
I'm just on the blink. And now i seem to have ruined my chances — now that i look behind. It's high time i went on, but damn! No, for this sulky nerd of a me, that's impossible. Here i am, struggling through my era of decline.

How curious it is! this precious sensation of enlightment i get from our home reading classes while discussing micelaneous spiritual issues and all, is quickly vaporized out of me by the cruel and shallow routine. Hate these shuffles!
What a "nice, buddhist" ending.

Love to all anyways.