The whole day may be described as quite positive and cheerful despite the unpleasant waking up. Actually, it can't possibly be the other way round takin to account my staying up late.

The best thing about today is my great find! Finally, I came across I knew I was destined to several books indispensable for my report. Two of them entirely devoted to "gender" and "gender psychology". You may call me whatever you want, but I in some curious way feel that learning and teaching foreign languages are not the things to occupy my whole future. They will become, or at least I hope they will, a means to broaden my "horizon".

Is the everlasting chain of misfortunes finally over? Let's hope so. And meanwhile...

Time to love, time to hate,
Time to live and to create.

Here, in the two simpliest lines are my Love, Hope and Joy. Warm summers are always followed by snowy winters and vice versa. So I shall be delighted to accept this changeable world as it is. For I'll always have an ample opportunity to quote the wretched Byron and his miserable "adieus".

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