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A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'

So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!


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Another day of my life

The whole day may be described as quite positive and cheerful despite the unpleasant waking up. Actually, it can't possibly be the other way round takin to account my staying up late.

The best thing about today is my great find! Finally, I came across I knew I was destined to several books indispensable for my report. Two of them entirely devoted to "gender" and "gender psychology". You may call me whatever you want, but I in some curious way feel that learning and teaching foreign languages are not the things to occupy my whole future. They will become, or at least I hope they will, a means to broaden my "horizon".

Is the everlasting chain of misfortunes finally over? Let's hope so. And meanwhile...

Time to love, time to hate,
Time to live and to create.

Here, in the two simpliest lines are my Love, Hope and Joy. Warm summers are always followed by snowy winters and vice versa. So I shall be delighted to accept this changeable world as it is. For I'll always have an ample opportunity to quote the wretched Byron and his miserable "adieus".

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Another turn

World is no longer the same, it alters faster than I become aware of the changes. I turn around to look at the "yesterday" and realize how much I passed within several hours. Every day's like a new life, very much alike the previous one, but in some way different.

Poor Valentine! Life is hard on her... As well as on me. But it took her down a peg or two to get the real picture of her prospects. Now she sees the only way to succeed is to work. I, rather relentlessly, promised her I'd drive her like a slave. The main thing for me is to see that my lessons do help.

Wish us luck ))

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As introduction

Recently I've felt the necessity of having a diary account for making enteries in English only. What is the motive? "To polish my English" as one of my teachers used to say, and to use my "active vocabulary".

In this diary I am going to put down all the information which I suppose absorbing: some short book/film reviews, my daily routine, my studies, my hobbies, my dreams and etc. More or less I'll cover all the above-mentioned topics.

So please, comrades, if you consider any of my posts worth commenting on, will you do it in English? And one more thing: if you see any mistake / a slip of the pen, or know more frequently used equivalents for this or that word, would you please correct me!

Thank you beforehand!

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