I'm not able to work! At all! Our dearest teachers seem to take delight in giving us so much to do, and no matter how frustrated we are, we have to comply with their demands. Ces't la vie.
But I've gone too far in my complaints. I've got exactly what I wanted: driven like a slave. So it's better to think of something more pleasant. The holidays, for instance! Have been looking through the summer photos, and there's definitely something to remember and to laugh at.
And you know, such an awful year like mine is worth suffering, if you are finally sent to the seaside and almost for free.


I planned this diary as an exceptionally positive and cheerful one, but I've failed so far.

Today was a wretched day: first of all, I didn't get enough sleep - four hours definitely does not satisfy the necessities of one's organizm; then something on the railway cross broke down and there grew an appaling traffic jam. It goes without saying that I missed my train and by mistake got on the last one before the gap in the train schedule which brought me to the station I needed least of all. Then a reflection of my misery, loneliness and unrequited love flooded me with such unbearable pain that I burst into tears right in the ampty carriage.

How devastated I feel now. At the same time it comforts me to know that my anguish and tears, and my disgraceful weakness will remain anonymous and somewhere behind the scenes...

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Studying again

Today I have not had an opportunity of writing down anything that can be of interest to me or any passer-by. But I've got a convincing excuse - homework. I've spent the whole day driving myself hard - every now and then I take such pains as to stuff into my head as much as possible. The question is: why does everyone have a right for a day-off, at least once a week, and I don't?
Now I am in quite a strange, though habitual, state: a mist before my eyes and an absolute mess in my mind. How am I going to study tomorrow?..

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As introduction

Recently I've felt the necessity of having a diary account for making enteries in English only. What is the motive? "To polish my English" as one of my teachers used to say, and to use my "active vocabulary".

In this diary I am going to put down all the information which I suppose absorbing: some short book/film reviews, my daily routine, my studies, my hobbies, my dreams and etc. More or less I'll cover all the above-mentioned topics.

So please, comrades, if you consider any of my posts worth commenting on, will you do it in English? And one more thing: if you see any mistake / a slip of the pen, or know more frequently used equivalents for this or that word, would you please correct me!

Thank you beforehand!

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